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Heritage Fair

July 21, 2022

On Tuesday, April 29, 2018 the students at Niji Mahkwa School proudly showcased and celebrated all their learning in Niji Mahkwa’s Heritage Fair on the Ojibwe Clan system and “Who We Are” as a community with regards to the Clans.  The students and staff worked hard on their projects, where they have been learning about the 7 clans including connections to the Indigenous culture and the world beyond.  The students were given the opportunity to share their newfound knowledge with their parents/guardians, family, friends, and guests. 

Some students were noted as saying:

“I liked to tell people what I learned about the clans!”

“I was excited to see lots of people there!”

“I am proud of everyone’s work that they did.”

“Heritage Fair is fun and cool!”

Throughout the day the students presented their projects with pride and understanding. Learning conversations were taking place everywhere you looked. Both students and visitors enjoyed the day and celebrating all the students’ hard work.  
Visitors’ feedback included:

“I am so happy I was invited as a guest. I am totally impressed with the amount of information the students were able to give me. They knew the material really well and they taught me a lot.  It was an extremely beautiful and powerful display. Thanks!”

“I was very impressed with the knowledge of the students from Grade one to Grade eight. I went around to each presentation and listened to the students. They took pride in sharing about their culture. The dedication of the teachers to ensure all students participated and understood their learning is admirable.”

“I very much enjoyed my time with the students of Niji Mahkwa School during the Heritage Fair. Every student I spoke to was very confident when they were speaking with me. They seemed as if they had ownership of their project and understood their job while they were in the gym.”

Red River Heritage Fair

On Thursday, May 1, 2018 students from Niji Mahkwa School, grades 4 through grade 6 attended the Red River Heritage Fair at the University of Winnipeg. These eight students brought with them their projects which were all connected to the Ojibwe Clan System. It was the first time these students attended such an event and the second time for the school. Throughout the day the students each presented and had their projects judged 2-3 times.  They were given the opportunity to create and carve their own soapstone pendants. They went on a heritage scavenger hunt and learned the history of the R.C.M.P. All eight students were awarded participation certificates and medals. 

Some students were noted as saying:

“It was really fun. I liked looking at other people’s projects. My favourite part was the soapstone carving!”

“I had fun learning about the R.C.M.P. I felt proud of myself because I got a medal.”

“I was excited to go the Red River Heritage Fair. I liked when we did the scavenger hunt cause we went to go find things. I liked the haunted house project.”

“I liked the scavenger hunt and when we got judged to tell about our project.” 

The students did an awesome job of representing Niji Mahkwa School and should be very proud of themselves!

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