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Mrs. Horbacio's Grade 2/3 Class

April 23, 2024

Please feel free to contact me on Seesaw or by email:

Our Seesaw page will be filled with additional student assignments and photos of their learning throughout the year!

For more information on whole school events, important dates, reminders, etc. please refer to our monthly newsletter under the Community & Family tab. Thank you! 

April 23, 2024:  Field trip to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights 9:15 am-1:00 pm.

We will be going on our first field trip of the year!  Please make sure your permission form is handed in and bring your lunch. 😊


Mrs. Horbacio's Nursery/Kindergarten Archive 2005-2021

pm class Nov 2020 and Amanda working.jpg

Clarc coronavirus 2020.jpg

fall tree 2020.jpg

Sesame Street June 2020.jpg

google meet edit am.jpg

am google meet 2 edit.jpg

pm google meet 1 edit.jpg

pm google meet 2.jpg

chanting chart.jpg

Looking for more ideas and information?  Please check out these pages on our website:

Mr. Martin - He has posted some of the songs that our entire school had been learning with him.  Each class had scheduled time to go sing along with Mr. Martin while he played guitar.  This was the highlight of the day for many students!

Ms. Lewis - Although geared toward our students with autism, these activities can be helpful for students (and adults!) of any age or ability.  Ms. Lewis has posted wonderful strategies for learning how to calm down and self-regulate.  We can all use that right now, I'm sure.  

Mrs. Moreau - You can find important information from our School's Speech and Language Pathologist under the Programs & Initiatives tab.  Read about why it is so beneficial to hold on to your home language.

I promise you every day April 2020.jpg

Don't forget to practise the sign language letters.  See if you can finger spell Mom, Dad, your name, and your brother's & sister's names.  

ASL chart April 2020.jpg

Speech to Home March 30 2020.jpg




class 3.jpg



p.m. k class 2013 pics 001.jpg

a.m. nk class 2013 pics 001.jpg

Frosty the Snowman chalk drawings  

Fort Whyte N and K Feb 2013 024.jpgFrosty Jan 2016.jpgFort Whyte N and K Feb 2013 024.jpg
Fort Whyte N and K Feb 2013 024.jpgFrosty Jan 2016.jpg

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