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December 12, 2023


About Faraday School

Faraday School is a Nursery to Grade 6 school located in the Winnipeg School Division’s North District. Our school originally opened in 1921 without a library. In 1969 a library was created and became a much loved part of our school by students and teachers alike. Then, several years ago, it had been dismantled and repurposed. Although it became an additional learning space for students, the shelves upon shelves of stories and books of all levels and genres were greatly missed. In 2020 it was converted back to our beloved library with the help of a very dedicated parent volunteer, Kim Meuling.  

Faraday School is named for Michael Faraday, an English scientist born in 1791. He was one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century. Our school reflects his appreciation of a well-rounded education.

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