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Principal's Message

December 12, 2023

Welcome to Faraday School! I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for on our website. If not, please let us know by calling the school.

Our staff of 50 make up our fantastic team which consists of teachers, EAs, custodians and support staff. We are focused on learning and having high expectations for all of our learners. Students of Faraday take pride in their learning and community and strive to be their best selves daily. We have a dedicated group of adults committed to helping enrich the lives of our students. When we work together, great things happen. We strive to have every child experiences success. Our students follow our anchors of being respectful, responsible and safe, which help them anchor and guide their learning and behaviours. When we know what is expected, we do better.

Learning is the focus each and every day. Our focus on improving literacy, numeracy, ESD, and our journey in Truth and Reconciliation creates an enriching and empowering learning environment for our students, educators and our families. We provide all of our students learning opportunities through our performing arts programming and our physical education department. I am very proud of our performing arts programming. This was created in 2021, and we are known for offering the arts as a vehicle for empowering our students to critically think and communicate their learning, and to share their gifts with each other.

Our students are provided many opportunities to be a part of clubs and extra curricular activities. We take pride in nurturing a caring and inclusive learning environment for all of our students in order to foster student’s joy of learning.

Watch for our monthly newsletters. I encourage you to join our Parent Council, where you can be a part of decisions made to enhance learning at Faraday. Faraday is a special place to learn and grow.

We are stronger together!


Mrs. Jennifer Cox

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