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July 20, 2022

Welcome to the Greenway School website! I hope that you are able to find everything you are looking for. If not however, please let us know. We always appreciate feedback. 

Our staff of close to 100 work hard to make our school a great learning place and our focus on improving Literacy, Numeracy and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) practices, makes for exciting times for students, educators and parents. It takes a collaborative and interdependent school community to be successful and I think we do this well. 

We are proud to be a school in the Winnipeg School Division where research, best practice, teacher pedagogy, learning and caring are key factors. Our staff are always busy working on and preparing an engaging curriculum and you can trust that your child(ren) is(are) in good hands and that their school year will be interesting, challenging, rewarding and happy.

The attitude towards school that will mean so much in the years ahead is grounded here at the elementary level and families play an important role. With your praise, encouragement and support, your child will become understanding of the importance of school and education. Please feel welcome to contact your child's teacher, our office, our Vice-Principal or myself if you have questions or concerns. We believe that open communication is one of the essential elements for student success. We will keep you informed of your child's progress through our Student-Led Conferences, reports, phone calls or through meetings that may be necessary. 

We are fortunate to have a Family Room at Greenway School run by our Community Support Worker. The Family Room is open Tuesday and Thursday all day and every Friday morning until noon. There are always some great activities happening there. If you would like to volunteer at Greenway School, this is also the place to check out. Please check the newsletter or drop by Room 124 and say Hi to Ms. Scales. 

Research on improved student learning clearly shows that significant improvement is gained when the school, home and students share in responsibilities for student learning and success. As a parent of a child in this school, you are automatically a member of our Parent Council. I encourage you to be involved in our monthly meetings where we discuss the many aspects of today's educational process.

Stormie Duchnycz

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