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Online Learning Platforms

October 26, 2023

Seesaw (N-3)

Google Classroom (4-8)

How/why these platforms are being implemented:


1. Access  and  Usernames:  Thoroughly  review  student-specific  usernames  and  the  procedures for logging into online platforms for both students and staff.

2. Usage  Familiarity:  Regularly  practice  logging  in,  accessing  materials,  and  adding  attachments. This will ensure smooth interactions with the platforms.

3. Assignment  Submissions:  Guarantee  that  students  have  the  capability  to  upload  or  submit  assignments,  encompassing  a  range  of  formats  such  as  images,  videos,  and  documents.


4. Document Management: Instruct students on making copies of documents to add to their personal  drives.  Additionally,  establish  and  communicate  naming  protocols  and  the  organization of documents within their chosen learning platforms, if applicable.

5. Video Call Etiquette: Engage in practice sessions using video call tools, such as Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, to familiarize students with appropriate online interaction and etiquette.

6. Digital Citizenship: Initiate discussions on Digital Citizenship, laying the groundwork with established norms and agreements. These should be revisited regularly to reinforce their importance.

7. Parental Communication: Notify families about the platform(s) that will be used by your school. It's important to post this information on the school's official website.

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