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Mulvey School Career Fair, a week of discovery

May 31, 2024
Justin Kutzak shared the important work done by firefighters and paramedics and how to act in emergency situations,

Mulvey School recently hosted its 19th annual Career Fair Week, allowing students to explore the exciting world of work. Students had the chance to meet diverse professionals. They could ask questions, observe demonstrations, and even get their hands on some of the tools used in various careers.

For many students, the highlight was the question-and-answer session. This provided a valuable chance to interact directly with mentors and learn about specific career paths. It was a great way to discover the training needed, the daily tasks involved, and, of course, that ever-popular question—salaries!

This event fosters a special connection between students and community mentors. It bridges the generational gap, allowing eager young minds to learn from experienced professionals. These interactions can spark a passion for a particular career path, setting students in a clear direction for their future.

The Mulvey School community is committed to helping students explore their potential. Career Fair Week is just one way to achieve this. The students understand the vast array of available job options while reminding them of their limitless potential.

Sunny, a curious Grade 4 student, highlighted the importance of skilled professionals in the community. "I liked the presentation by Skills Manitoba," she shared. 

"It was interesting to learn how skilled professionals help families every day. They do so many important things, like bakers, chefs, electricians, hairstylists and others. I'd like to be one of them and contribute similarly to the community."

This event is crucial for students at this stage in their education. It provides a glimpse into the working world and helps them start thinking about their future goals. As the world of work continues to evolve, our students must be well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Justin Kutzak, a Public Education Officer with the City of Winnipeg’s Fire and Paramedic Service, shared the important work done by firefighters and paramedics and how to act in emergency situations, "The biggest thing is having a home fire escape plan in place, with these four key components: 

  • Install Smoke Alarms: Ensure you have working smoke alarms throughout your home. Test them monthly and replace the batteries annually. Most alarms last around ten years but always refer to the manufacturer's instructions. 
  • Include Carbon Monoxide Alarms: These alarms are essential for detecting carbon monoxide, a colourless and odourless gas known as the "silent killer." 
  • Plan Two Escape Routes from every room: This could be a door and a window, even in the basement and bedrooms. Remember, this secondary exit is not meant for jumping out but for providing an alternative escape route or a way to signal for help.
  • Outdoor meeting place: Once you've safely evacuated, gather at a predetermined location. Choose something permanent, like a specific tree, instead of a movable object like a car. Once you're out, stay out, and call 911 immediately."


Brett, a Grade 5 student, echoed the importance of fire escape plans. "Just like Mr. Justin Kutzak said about fire alarms, you have to have escape plans ready to go," he explained. "If you don't have one, you might be in trouble during a fire. Imagine the doorknob being hot and smoke or fire blocking the hallway!"

"Firefighters are amazing – they save people from fires, and I saw Justin climb those tall ladders and shoot water. That's incredible! I haven't considered my future career yet, but being a firefighter will be cool."

Career Fair Week was also a chance to delve deeper into essential life skills. Through hands-on experiences and discussions with mentors, students learned about responsibility, digital citizenship, teamwork, financial literacy, and transferable skills that will benefit them in any career they choose.

"As a School Team Committee, when we planned the week, we understand that the transition from school to work starts early, and Career Fair week provides an early glimpse into the working world," said Mulvey School Principal, Peter Correia. 

"A tremendous thank you to the fantastic presenters; the Mulvey School students were very thankful and had an amazing week." 


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