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November 3, 2023

École Luxton School  - 2023 - 2024

At our Meet the Teacher in September, teachers prepared a classroom overview - a short summary of their program, expectations, and contact information. Click on a teacher's name below to access a .pdf copy of their overview (opens in a new tab).

Grade LevelEnglish ProgrammeFrench immersion Programme
Nursery / KindergartenA Kuyp (AM and PM)
Room 7
T. Pronyk (PM)
Room 6
Grade 1K Sampson
Room 9
S. Slobodian
Room 8
Grade 2/3K. Howard
Room 13
A Litardi
Room 16

E. Ross Moore
Room 15
Grade 3/4A. Chan
Room 18

Grade 4/5Y Sisko
Room 26
A. Groff
Room 25
Grade 5/6K Ellana
Room 24
T Prince
Room 27
Featured ProgramsJ Kelsch
T.A.P. (grades 3-5)
Room 23

D Armenti
Links (grades 4-6)
Room 20

Physical Education
W. Kay
Grades 1 - 6 P.E.

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