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Music & Movement

December 30, 2022

Music has been a part of River Elm School for many years.  Students at River Elm have 3 music/movement classes a cycle.  One of these classes is designated as a "movement class" and is focused on using movement as the primary teaching tool for rhythm and creativity.  

As movement and music are closely related, there is some overlap.  In any given 30 minute class, there may be elements of both subjects that are talked about and taught.  Both of these subjects are very performance related; that is, in order to see if a student has grasped the concept, the student has to reproduce the music or movement.  There is very little written work produced by students in Music and Movement.  Reminders and internet links to pages related to topics covered in the class may be posted to the Google Classroom.  Students in grades 3-6 are encouraged to use their Google Account to access this information.

At the beginning of the year, the students are asked what they think are the most important "rules" for the music and movement room.  Their answers can be summed up in these five rules for the Music Room, using the five letters of the word MUSIC:

M - Mutual respect - for other students, the teacher and the instruments and materials in the room.

U - Undertake all tasks - While artists strive for a goal that is sometimes considered perfection, the attempt is what makes a person a better artist.  Trying and failing is a part of the creative process.

S - Sit quietly, raise had to speak  In a group setting, this is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute to the conversation.  

I - Instructions should be followed the first time  The students described this as "Listen to the speaker".  Instructions can come from a classmate or a teacher - in either case, it's important to give the speaker your full attention so that you hear what they say.

C - Come in and leave in an orderly fashion  Rushing in or out of any room is a dangerous activitiy that can cause injury to others.  With the stairs just inside the Music Room door, it was agreed by all classes that walking in and out of the room in a careful fashion was important to the safety of all.

Parents are invited to be involved in their child's learning in music and movement - ask what songs they have learned, what movements we have done.  They will have to show you (perform!) to answer the question!

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