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Integrated Arts

July 20, 2022

Lori emoji.PNGThe Integrated Arts 

The Integrated Arts program is a multi-faceted program that incorporates music, dance, drama and visual arts. We are proud to have acquired three octaves of handbells and four octaves of tone chimes. Our school has three handbell choirs including the Fort Rouge Ringers, the Fort Rouge Eagles and the Fort Rouge Bells. We had been planning to play for the Winnipeg Music Festival and have played for various concerts and assemblies. We are also excited to have recently received a class set of ukuleles. We were preparing to go to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Adventures in Music Concert and our movement group was about to begin rehearsals to perform with the Symphony. Unfortunately, due to the current crisis, these events will not longer be occurring. 

If you are missing handbells, you can check out the links below. 



The first link is to a song called Meditations on the Theme of Peace as performed by the Forte Handbell Quartet. I would like to try some quartet music with interested students when we get back to school. I think you may recognize the second piece! If you'd like to share any of your discoveries with me, you can email me at

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