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Northwest District Schools engage in Unity Challenge

March 26, 2022
Free Press Community Paper features Unity Challenge

The UNITY CHALLENGE was a collaborative effort between Garden Grove, Tyndall Park, Stanley Knowles, Meadows West and Waterford Springs.  

The pandemic has affected so many families over the past 2 years and continues to do, even now. Many families rely on support from charity organizations throughout Winnipeg, but with the increased number of families and individuals seeking support, the organizations are also feeling the effects of the pandemic and have fewer resources to go around. 

Around the end of January, we found out that the North Point Douglas Women's Centre is needing support and their cupboards are empty. The North Point Douglas Women's Centre (NPDWC)provides many important services to families in the North Point Douglas Neighborhood and they need our help to fill the cupboards for their food hamper program. 

With this knowledge in mind, Garden Grove has initiated the Unity Challenge- where we (northwest district schools- Garden Grove, Tyndall Park, Meadows West, Stanley Knowles, and Waterford Springs) all spread some LOVE and kindness in the month of February. We sent an invite to Principals and Vice Principals of our neighboring schools and asked if they would be willing to get on board with the Unity Challenge. The challenge is to collect 600 nonperishable items for NPDWC. It is a challenge where we all unite to get to our shared goal. Little did we know that we will be able to collect over 4000 items.  

It is really encouraging and inspiring to see the response from our students and community. Education more than academic learning is impactful when we are able to use it to create opportunities that allow children to engage in making a positive impact in their community. The Unity Challenge provides this opportunity to children to engage in acts of kindness, empathy and change.Watch out for your local Free Press Community Paper to read the feature. Alternatively, you can access the full article by clicking here.

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