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Physical Education

September 19, 2023
ski 2

1619467712075.pngAt École Garden Grove School we value Physical Education in high regard. We consider it to be a critical component of a well-balanced education.

We believe that a healthy mind is inextricably linked to a healthy body and vice versa. To that end, we want to help students to be responsible for their own health. We want to enable them to make healthy choices about their diet, activity level and attitude toward an active lifestyle.

We have a new physical education teacher this year. His name is Mr. Tanner Owens. Mr. Owens previsouly taught Physical Education at Brock Corydon and St. John's schools. He played volleyball for the University of Winnipeg and has extensive experience coaching volleyball in the club and school systems. He has many exciting activities and extra-curricular activities planned for students this year.

We encourage everyone to get active and feel great!

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