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February 4, 2021

Sustainable Development covers many topics, and almost in every area of life. We can group them under 3 main categories.
·         Economics
·         Ecology
·         Culture
When we learn about ESD, we encourage students to think about how the decisions we make affect the people and environment around us. We want them to make informed, conscious choices that benefit them and future generations.

Why do some people have more and some people don't have enough?  How much should things cost? How much should people get paid? What's fair or unfair?
Are we harming the planet? Why are some animals endangered or extinct? Is recycling enough? What do we need to do differently in order to live in a healthy environment?
How can all people get along? Should we treat everyone fairly? What are human rights? How can we protect people’s rights? What can we do so that everyone has healthy bodies and healthy minds?
These are the types of questions that we ask when we are learning about Sustainable Development. We encourage families to start thinking about their answers.

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