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Inclusive Special Education Resource Program

September 19, 2023

Harrow School’s Resource Program is designed to provide support to both students and classroom teachers as we collaboratively plan to ensure success for all learners. Our small school allows us the opportunity to work as a team of classroom teachers, support teachers, and educational assistants as we develop and deliver programs. Should you have concerns about your child’s progress, your first step is to meet with your child’s teacher. 

At Harrow School our Resource Program consists of a full time Resource Teacher, and Educational Assistants who support classroom and student specific programming. The Clinical Support Services Team includes an Audiologist, Speech Language Therapist, Reading Clinician, Social Worker and School Psychologist. 

The Resource Program offers a variety of different supports throughout the year. These supports shift as different needs arise during our regular team planning sessions. Classroom supports may include guided reading, guided math, literature circles, alphabet stations and co-teaching in the classrooms. Outside of the classrooms we are able to offer English as an Additional Language classes for primary and intermediate students, as well as our Bethel Reading Program. 

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