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November 17, 2022

School Information

Welcome to the website for Harrow School. Harrow is a Nursery through Grade 6 school with a current population of approximately 170 students.


Harrow School was constructed in 1952 as a single-story, nine-classroom facility; the school opened for classes in January 1953. In 1955, a four-classroom addition was built, which included a general purpose room and a staff room; a second addition was built in 1962. An addition to the building in 1975 served as a recreation component operated by the City of Winnipeg’s Parks and Recreation for the community, complete with dressing rooms, canteen, and a common area.  The division has since acquired this space and it is now an integral part of the school building.

Lieutenant Governor Award winner Vern Hildahl was the school’s first parent association president. Mr. Hildahl devoted his life and career to the study and preservation of trees. His contribution to the understanding of Dutch Elm disease—and advocating of aggressive measures to control the malady—resulted in the preservation of elm trees in Winnipeg, Chicago and beyond. In 2003, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary with memorabilia displays, historical projects, and student entertainment.

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