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Wildlife Society Conference

February 8, 2021

This weekend, the Kelvin students in ISAMR (International Student-led Arctic Monitoring and Research) presented two posters at the Wildlife Society Conference together with Szandra Temesvari and Donna Labun. The students have all travelled up to Churchill and have been doing research with Dr. Jane Waterman from the University of Manitoba.  Over the last six years, Kelvin students have been monitoring polar bears and permafrost and trying to link them to the sea ice and what is happening to our climate.  The two posters that they presented this year are: 

Examining the relationship between non-invasive estimates of body condition of polar bears and the break-up of sea ice in Churchill, MB. and Photogrammetry: Sizing up a Polar Bear.

The students made a big splash at the conference, impressing the researchers and judges, and ended up winning one of the two poster prizes for best student poster!  They were competing against undergraduate and graduate students.  Congratulations to Laia Shpeller, Sarah Rauf, Paulina Hernandez-Sainz, Daniel Strong, Aidan Pinsk, Marissa Hamlin, Margarita Busheva, and Bridgette Nzomwita.  We are thankful for continuing support from the University of Manitoba Science Department and NSERC PromoScience.  Also, a big thank you to Dr. Waterman for her mentoring and support of the students.

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