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Kelvin NorthSTAR

June 12, 2024

Kelvin NorthSTAR students present polar bear research at UBC Conference

Kelvin students from the NorthSTAR (Northern Student-led Arctic Research) program had the opportunity to travel to the University of British Columbia to present their research at the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE). They confidently presented their research to other professors, researchers and grad students. The sessions were diverse ranging from genomics, invasive plant ecology, human health, to inclusivity and adapting to a changing climate of learning. The conference began with an engaging plenary talk given by Dr. Christopher Harley on “What maintains biodiversity and why is it ever more important in this era of rapid environmental change.”

During our time at UBC we were able to attend various presentations from students and professors regarding topics such as human disease evolution and forest ecology. We also attended the poster session where we got to present our own research comparing non-invasive methods of determining polar bear body condition. While in BC, we were also able to visit the Vancouver aquarium, Stanley Park, and UBC’s biodiversity museum to explore the various plants and animals the province is home to as well as those studied at the university. We ended the trip joining the university students in a trivia night which was a lovely chance to spend time connecting as a group. It was exciting to be able to attend a scientific conference and to be inspired by the research presented by experts in the field.

E. Crockett

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