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International Baccalaureate Programme (IB)

November 23, 2022

The IB programme is a comprehensive and rigorous program of studies that prepares students for examinations administered worldwide in May.  The standing which students obtain on these examinations and on their IB internal assessed coursework determine their IB grades, recognized by universities throughout the world.  IB graduates are well prepared for post-secondary education.  Many universities grant first year standing for courses in which students have achieved a certain level on their IB courses.
IB offers all of its examinations at two levels – Higher and Standard.  Students are encouraged to pursue the highest level of achievement within the programme, the IB Diploma.  The Diploma requires that students study six subjects, representing at least five subject areas, and write six examinations, three at the Higher Level and three at the Standard Level or four at the Higher Level and two at the Standard Level.  In addition to which, Diploma candidates must complete a major research project called the Extended Essay, they must participate in extra-curricular and social service activities known as CAS and they must complete a course called Theory of Knowledge (ToK).
While IB is designed to be a two year curriculum for the final two years of high school, almost all North American schools find it necessary to have preliminary studies in order to enrich and accelerate the studies of prospective IB students.  A preparatory IB year aims to raise students’ entry level skills and knowledge.  Kelvin High School offers an IB preparatory year for Grade 10 students.  Grade 10 students follow a curriculum that prepares them for future Diploma studies.  In this preparatory year, students will study two languages – English and French, two mathematics courses – Manitoba Grade 10 Introduction to Applied and Pre-Calculus and Grade 11 Pre-calculus, three Science courses – Biology, Chemistry and Physics and two Social Science courses – Geography and History as well as Physical Education.
The following list shows the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) course groupings with the specific subjects that Kelvin High School offers as of the current school year:
Group One – Studies in language and literature English A:  Literature HL
Group Two – Language acquisition -  French B HL or SL
Group Three – Individuals and societies -  Economics HL; History HL
Group Four – Sciences -  Biology HL; Chemistry SL; Physics HL; Computer Science HL or SL
Group Five – Mathematics -  Mathematics SL
Group Six – The Arts - Music HL or SL; Visual Arts HL or SL
In most instances students decide between Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) courses in early fall of their Grade 12 year when they are registered for their IB final examination papers.  IBO allows students to attempt the examination in one or two courses, Standard Level only, at the end of their Grade 11 year.  This is called Anticipated status.  Kelvin students are registered as Anticipated Candidates in Chemistry SL.  They write the IB Chemistry exam in May of their Grade 11 year.
For all subjects, students are awarded percentage grades and course credits by Kelvin High School according to the standards determined by Education Manitoba.  In addition, students writing IB set exams are awarded International Baccalaureate grades in July after the IB examinations are assessed throughout the world.

For inquiries regarding the IB Programme please contact Melani Decelles

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