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Mission Statement

February 4, 2021

Lord Nelson School promotes a health and inclusive school culture where high levels of achievement occur within a positive, caring school environment.  We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in a environment that is safe and where kindness and concern are displayed for others.


1. Students: To provide robust and comprehensive education, equitable access, diverse opportunity, and a supportive learning environment for all students to help them prepare for their journey with values of learning and social justice, and to be responsible community members.

2. Learning Outcomes: To further improve school attendance, achievements and graduation rates through the exploration of additional programs and strategies.

3. Addressing Barriers to Learning:  To further develop initiatives and innovative approaches addressing individual student needs and accessibility requirements, mental health issues, childcare needs,, and nutritional needs.

4. Communication and Partnerships with Community:  To further develop communications and partnerships with the communities we serve, parents, families, government, businesses, health and social service agencies, Indigenous education, other community organizations, and our valued volunteers.

5. Sustainability: To strengthen and enhance sustainable development initiatives that address environmental, social, and economic issues.

6. Employees: Increase the leadership capacity and competency within schools.


- Be Respectful

- Be Safe

- Be The Best You Can Be


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