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Academics & Classes

December 22, 2023
Academics & Classes

We, at Lord Nelson School, prioritize learning in a way students will enjoy. Our classes include English, Science, Math, Physical Education, Library, and Music.

Our school provides learning technology like iPads and Chromebooks for individual play or project researching. 

Some classrooms prefer to use an online platform like Seesaw, where students can upload and submit their work to the classroom teacher, receive notices and classroom messages from their teacher, and can interact with their friends, which are all monitored closely by the teacher.

Other classrooms will use Google Classroom, which is similar to Seesaw. Online platform depends on the classroom teachers, so it may differ each year.

Below is a list of our 2023-2024 staff:


Acting Vice-PrincipalJennifer

Office Staff

Head Clerk IVCarlynn
Clerk IIMelissa


Nursery/Kindergarten in Room 109-AMKristy Frohwerk
Nursery/Kindergarten in Room 107 AM/PMJennifer Kiziak
Grade 1 in Room 24Caitlin Bartisz
Grade 1/2 in Room 21Bernadette
Grade 1/2 in Room 22Catarina
Grade 2 in Room 23Angela Pereira
Grade 2/3 in Room 7Christine Stanus
Grade 3 in Room 3Amber Lewicki
Grade 3/4 in Room 5Kim Gauthier
Grade 4 in Room 9Fernando Dalayoan
Grade 4/5 in Room 11Glenda Medina
Grade 4/5 Room 15Mitch
Grade 5 Room 14Lee
Grade 5/6 Room 16Sam Brolly
Grade 6 Room 10Alicia Thompson
Grade 6 Room 12Eunah Lee

Support Teachers

Physical EducationKen
Acting IERTAmanda
Grade 1 Learning Support PMKristy
Learning SupportChristina
Early Literacy Support TeacherCheryl
Learning SupportJames Van

Support Staff 

School Support WorkerKim Storer


Head CustodianNorbert Lukaszeqicz
CaretakerDavinder Badhan
Assistant CaretakerRaj Sodhi


Area Service DirectorA. Johnson
Reading ClinicianEsther Hazendonk
PsychologistNancy Robsinson-Epp
Social WorkerLaura Thorne
Speech Language ClinicianCheryl Moreau

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