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I Love to Read: a month of learning and community celebrations

February 28, 2024
Therrence Mallari, a registered nurse read books to Weston School students and then answered their questions.

February is more than 'I Love to Read' month at WSD Schools. It’s a special month of celebration when schools across the division dive into exciting books and enjoy reading stories together. 

WSD Schools welcomed parents and community members to come and read their favourite books to the students. 

World of Work at Weston School

Weston School students explored how what they learn in school connects to future jobs. Students are having discussions and reflecting on the endless possibilities they have in their future and the skills it takes to do the things they love. 

Having interactive presentations allows students the opportunity to talk with people in many fields and ask how Math, Reading, Writing and STEAM are reflected in their jobs. 

"During this month, we’ve had parents of students come in to read and share what they do. Brenda Abraham came to speak about her position as an Early Childhood Educator and her passion for jingle dancing. Students sat quietly listening as she reflected on the importance of both of those roles and the responsibilities that each one comes with. Brenda ended her session with a jingle dance and a message to do things that fill your heart with happiness and goodness," said Lisa Richardson, Principal at Weston School.

 "My favourite presenter was Dawn, the Director of the Child Care Centre, a parent of one of our staff members. Our presenters included people from our own families, allowing students to see how they are connected to us and our families. After all, it takes a village to raise a family.”


Weston School focused on students' interests, parent involvement, and curricular connections each week. Week one was on animals, week two was on helpers in the community, week three was on technology, and week four was on skills and trades.  

The guests at Weston School included professionals from various fields. A childcare worker, dog groomer, animal rescue worker, speech-language pathologist, firefighter, nurse, baker, social worker, construction specialist and many more guests read books and discussed their work-life with students. 


"I visited Weston School to share my love for nursing, why I started and what helps me stay passionate about being a nurse. I shared with students what courses are necessary to become a nurse and how reading, writing and math are essential in taking good care of patients," said Therrence Mallari, Registered Nurse, Trauma Unit, Health Sciences and Travel Nurse.

Therrence has a message for all students: "Don't be afraid; healthcare is a rewarding job. I love to see a smile on a patient's face when there is improvement in their health."

When the Prairie Wildlife Rehab Centre team visited the school, the students and staff saw nature's wonders unfold.

"My favourite presentation was the one on owls; they have extra vertebrae in their neck that help transfer blood to their brain when they rotate their neck beyond 180 degrees," shared Michael Guzman, a Grade 6 student at Weston School. 


Shanker Singh, Career Education/Apprentice Support Teacher, adds, "I Love to Read month is a fantastic time for students to grow their passion for reading, imagination and seeing themselves in a story. We chose to connect Career Education to enable students to imagine their future and reflect on how they want to be a part of the community." 

"In the Early Years, we want students to dream big about possibilities and know they are supported on their journey no matter their path. The act of giving students agency and providing context for learning will ideally help them feel empowered to succeed." 

Kent Road School celebrated diversity. 

At Kent Road School, I Love to Read month celebrated diversity and new learning opportunities. 

"In the first week, we read stories celebrating Black Heritage; in the valentine week, we read about love, friendship and kindness. Our third week's reading was on Indigenous perspectives and Louis Riel Day. In the fourth week, students got to wear their favourite outfits and read their favourite books to their partners," said Michelle Bouchard, Support teacher at Kent Road School. 

"Each week, we had students read books over Intercom, and then teachers made the books available in the classroom to read. Our biggest event was when Blue Bomber players read their favourite books. Meeting them and asking questions was exciting for the students and staff."   

On February 21, the staff and teachers decorated the school halls and gym in blue and gold to welcome Winnipeg's favourite football team players, the Blue Bombers. 

Tanner Cadwallader, Blue Bombers Linebacker (#47) and Patrick Neufeld, Offensive Linesman (#53)were thrilled to be at Kent Road School to meet the students and staff and be a part of the community. 

"Reading is a life-long skill that everybody needs and should work on. Reading is important and enjoyable; we should read even after February throughout the year. "



John M. King School celebrated "I Love to Read Month" with a variety of activities, starting February 2 with a heartwarming family event, "Picture Books, Pajamas, and Pancakes." 

The turnout was fantastic, and it was wonderful to see so many families come together to enjoy the magic of reading!

But the celebration didn't stop there! The school’s annual Book Bingo classroom challenge was a success with students highly inspired and engaged as they eagerly delved into various genres and authors to fulfill their class Bingo board. Each class earned a book prize, adding more gems to the school library.


“Our dedicated teachers have been fostering a culture of reading beyond the walls of their own classrooms,” said Anastasia Karagiannis Bell, Principal at John M.King. 

“They've been stepping into each other's rooms, sharing stories, and connecting with students they might not otherwise interact with during regular class time. This has strengthened our school community and instilled a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling and the joy of reading.”


We appreciate all our special guests who visited WSD Schools and helped our students learn and understand the relevance of education in their future lives. 


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