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Resource Team

December 2, 2021

We have a dedicated resource team at École Sacré-Coeur. Our team offers a variety of supports to students and teachers, including numeracy and literacy support. 
Our numeracy support teachers work in the classrooms with students and teachers, to help deliver inclusive Math programming in intensive six-week block periods as well as small group instruction. They also implement the divisionally supported “Dreambox” Math program which involves daily, individualized Numeracy instruction on the computer.  We provide a weekly Math club for all interested students during noon hour using computers and iPads. Our numeracy team offers informational Parent Nights where current Math topics are explored.
Our team works with classroom teachers to implement our “Groupes de Lecture” reading program, where students read and express themselves daily in small groups in French. As well, our reading recovery teachers provide Grade One students with individualized French reading instruction, thirty minutes a day. The focus is to teach students reading strategies that help students improve their reading skills.  
Our English as an Additional Language program (EAL) provides students whose first language is not English with the opportunity to enrich their developing English skills.

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