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Culinary Arts Students Shine at the Canadian Culinary Federation National Conference

June 6, 2024
Culinar Arts Student Shine

During the last week of May, students from our Culinary Arts program, accompanied by their instructor, had the unique opportunity to attend the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) National Conference in Edmonton. Here's a recap of their incredible journey and experiences throughout the event.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Our team made a grand entrance at the very end of the Meet and Greet Reception at the #ccf2024conference, arriving in their stylish personalized black hoodies just before the food stations closed. Renowned Executive Chef Bruno Marti graciously took the time to speak with our group, sharing his passion for food and his lifelong journey of creating culinary experiences. His inspiring words set the tone for what promised to be an enriching conference.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

Young chefs Owen, Mateo, and Justine were invited to assist in a workshop titled "Umami, Harnessing the Power of the Fifth Sense" led by Christopher Koetke, Director & Corporate Executive Chef of Ajinomoto. The workshop delved into the history of umami and its applications in everyday cooking, providing the students with valuable insights into this essential flavor component.441487998_2464530077268263_6621032939732402438_n.jpg444470531_2464530070601597_2358325206478907632_n.jpg

The day was also spent preparing for the upcoming product showcase. Wil, Manveet, and Sloan, as well as Owen, Mateo, and Justine, led by their dedicated instructors Chef Gloux and team captain Chef Sergei Didenko, along with Chef @ezchef1, were busy perfecting their arancini and contest-winning macarons using Lactalis Canada Foodservice's new Galbani Mozzarella and Labneh. Their hard work and determination were evident as they geared up to present their creations to Canada's top culinary professionals.




Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The efforts of our young chefs caught the attention of the CCF Vancouver Island Branch President, who conducted interviews to learn more about their journey and experiences at the conference. This recognition highlighted the exceptional talent and dedication of our students.



During the product showcase, our Culinary Federation Young Chefs impressed attendees with their culinary skills and professionalism. Their amazing work ethic and delicious dishes were well received, demonstrating the high standards upheld by our program.



The day concluded with a well-deserved dinner at the prestigious Cactus Club Cafe West Edmonton, where Chef Khalid kindly spoke with the students and gave them a tour of the kitchen. The evening ended with a leisurely walk through West Edmonton Mall and some late-night ice cream, providing a perfect conclusion to a busy and rewarding day.




Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Our team made history as the first high school group to ever attend a CCF National Convention, inspiring future students to pursue their culinary goals. After completing their duties with Lactalis Canada Foodservice, they enjoyed a celebratory dinner and gained further insights into the culinary world from seasoned professionals.

In addition to their primary activities, the students were invited to participate in the Quick Fire Challenge. This fast-paced event involved teams of six working in pairs, with no knowledge of their teammates' menu plans. Our students took on the role of chaperones, ensuring smooth coordination and contributing to the dynamic atmosphere of the challenge.

The conference concluded with a BBQ and park tour of Fort Edmonton, providing a relaxed setting for reflection on the week’s achievements.




Gratitude and Acknowledgements

The experiences and opportunities afforded to our students at the CCF National Conference were made possible by the generous support of sponsors and donors. On behalf of all the students, we extend our heartfelt thanks for making this remarkable journey possible. The skills and memories gained will undoubtedly inspire and shape the future careers of these aspiring chefs.

The Tec-Voc Culinary Chefs have shown tremendous spirit and dedication, paving the way for future generations in the culinary arts. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and look forward to seeing their continued growth and success.

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