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Dental Assisting & Medical Preparation

April 7, 2021
Dental Assisting & Medical Preparation

This two year course offers students an opportunity to obtain the theoretical and clinical experience for employment in the Dental Assisting profession and the Medical Terminology that is needed to crossover into the Medical and Healthcare fields. The program consists of eight credits at the Grade 11 and 12 level. Upon completion of the program at Tec Voc High School, dental assisting students will continue their studies at Red River College for one year. Note: Students must register at RRC and are required to pay a tuition fee.

dental_assisting1.jpgAreas of study include:
· Dental Anatomy
· Dental Practice Management
· Four-Handed Dentistry
· Interpersonal Relations
· Intra-Oral Skills
· Introduction to Dental Computer program
· Job Search
· Laboratory
· Life Sciences
· Nutrition
· Professional Development

Dental Assisting Opportunities
Graduates from this program will have the required skills for employment in the following:
· Dental Offices
· Hospitals
· Community Dental Clinics
· Educational Facilities
· Government Public Health Programs

Opportunities in other related areas include:
· Dental Office Manager
· Dental Receptionist
· Sales
· Insurance Companies

Grade 11 (4 Credits) DEAV30
In the first year, students are introduced to the dental profession. Communication skills and management of a dental office are taught. Basic human anatomy (emphasizing head and neck), dental anatomy, chairside assisting, use of dental materials, techniques in sterilization and infection control methods are also taught.

Grade 12 (4 Credits) DEAV40
Four-Handed dentistry technique used in second year continues with dental specialities. Intraoral skills such as dental dam, radiology, sealants, impressions, prophylaxis and fluoride, suture removal, topical anaesthetic, matrix bands and wedges, bases and liners are covered. Students will practice intraoral skills on mannequins, fellow students and patients at Red River College. There is also a work experience practicum at a dental office to give the students an opportunity to apply their acquired skills.


Admission Requirements

  • Grade 11 students must complete all grade 10 requirements before entrance into the grade 11/12 program.
  • Prior to starting at RRC, all students must submit an entrance application and an immunization record indicating up to date vaccinations including Hepatitis B.
  • Post high students must have a grade 12 English, Math and Science (Biology 40S is recommended).


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