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February 8, 2022

Grade 9 

Science1.jpgScience 10F (1 credit) SCIR1F
This course introduces different areas of science in four major units: Reproduction, Atoms and Elements, Electricity, and the Universe.  Grade 9 Science incorporates elements of inquiry and the scientific method, integrated technology, and societal and environmental issues across each unit. This course is a prerequisite for Science 20F and is required for graduation.

Grade 10 

Science 20F (1 Credit) SCIR2F

A course to develop scientifically literate students using the essential aspects of science. The course has four major clusters: Dynamics of Ecosystems, Chemistry in Action, In Motion, and Weather Dynamics.  The prerequisite for this course is Science 10F.

Grade 11 

Biology 30S (1 Credit) BIOR3S

This course is intended to provide students with an understanding of  the major human body systems and how they relate to one another. Students will be expected to participate in various lab activities. This course is recommended for all students who wish to pursue careers in the health sciences. The prerequisite for this course is Science 20F.

Chemistry 30S (1 Credit) CHER3S

This course covers the basic concepts of chemistry. Topics include: physical properties of matter, gases and the atmosphere, chemical reactions, solutions, and organic chemistry. Students will develop essential laboratory skills. Strong math skills are recommended. The prerequisite for this course is Science 20F.

Physics 30S (1 Credit) PHYR3S

How do earthquakes cause tidal waves? Why are astronauts weightless in orbit? Will an asteroid crash into Earth with a force equal to 50 million megatons of TNT? PHYR3S students will investigate topics such as the science of moving objects, electromagnetic fields and the wave phenomena of sound and light.  Proficiency with algebra and trigonometry is required. Prerequisites: Applied Math 30S (Precalculus highly recommended)

Science4.jpgGrade 12

Biology 40S (1 Credit) BIOR4S

This course is intended for those students who are interested in genetics and biodiversity. Practical labs are a major component of this course. This course is strongly recommended for all students pursuing studies in any of the sciences, as Grade 12 Biology is a required course for admission to many faculties of science at the Universities. The prerequisite for this course is Science 20F.  (Biology 30S is strongly recommended).

Chemistry 40S (1 Credit) CHER4S

A course for those pursuing a career in science. Topics include: atomic structure, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, solubility, and electrochemistry. There will be a focus on investigative chemistry throughout the course. Strong math skills are recommended. The prerequisite for this course is Chemistry 30S. 

Physics 40S (1 Credit) PHYR4S

Building on the genius of such legends as Newton, Einstein and Kepler, PHYR4S will prepare students for University Physics by exploring realms of modern Physics. These areas include geosynchronous satellites, rocket propulsion, microgravity, and medical physics.  Proficiency with algebra and trigonometry is essential. Prerequisites: Applied Math 40S (Pre-calculus highly recommended) and Physics 30S .

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