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Conduct Code

February 4, 2021

As a member of the Wellington School Community the Student Agrees To:

Respect myself by

- arriving at school on time everyday

- dressing appropriately for my job as a student

- coming prepared to work, with equipment and homework

- using appropriate language

- trying my personal best

- accepting consequences for my actions

 Respect others by:

- using appropriate language when talking with others

- playing fairly and taking turns

- listening when others speak, and following instructions

- helping them be safe by not hitting, teasing or bullying

- being considerate of other people’s personal spaces

 Respect property by:

- cleaning up after myself

- helping to maintain classrooms, hallways, and washrooms by not vandalizing or littering

- asking for permission to use or borrow other people’s personal belongings

- keeping school equipment in good condition for others to use helping to maintain community property by not vandalizing, littering, trespassing or damaging

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