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Student Handbook

February 4, 2021

Code of Behaviour:

Responsibilities and Expectations

The Winnipeg School Division and Weston School have very clear behaviour policies and codes of conduct. Bringing weapons to school, using them, or threatening others with them is not tolerated and can result in expulsion from the school system. Please refer to the No “Ifs, Buts, or Maybes” pamphlet sent home each September.

At Weston School we use many programs and personal examples of appropriate behaviour. Behaviours which promote learning, show respect, and maintain safety for everyone are encouraged. The following behaviours are unacceptable:

  • fighting (includes play fighting)
  • verbal aggression (name calling, racial remarks, put-downs),
  • any form of bullying (vulgarity, swearing, talking back, spreading rumors, etc.)
  • physical aggression (pinching, pushing, tripping, kicking, hitting, threatening, throwing things, spitting, etc.)
  • leaving the classroom/building without adult permission
  • vandalism or graffiti (marking on or damaging school or other people’s property)
  • theft
  • non-compliance (not obeying the adults who are in charge)
  • interrupting the learning process (acting silly, talking when others are speaking, disturbing the class or group, etc.)

Weston students know that they are responsible for all their own actions and that they cannot blame others or the circumstances for what they choose to do.

It is important that all children, parents and guardians understand that inappropriate behaviour will result in consequences. Students may lose their play or recess time, or lose privileges. Parents may be contacted to speak to their child regarding their inappropriate behaviour. In more serious situations consequences may include: withdrawal from the classroom, being sent home for the remainder of the day, a suspension that may take place in school for part of the day, or an out of school suspension. In this case a parent/guardian is notified and the child must remain at home. If students are suspended a parent/guardian will attend an intake meeting with administration, teacher and student before being allowed to return.

Children can be suspended for up to five days if they physically or verbally assault or threaten other people, fail to obey adults in charge or display any other seriously inappropriate behavior. Parents/Guardians will be required to make arrangements for their children to stay at home if they are suspended and temporarily lose the right to attend school. The actions of one child will not be allowed to interfere with the safety and learning of others.

Parental Responsibilities

  •  Make sure that your children come to school on time and ready to learn.
  • Make sure that they have all the necessary equipment.
  • Share any issues/concerns with teacher or principal.
  • Support the school’s consequences in front of your child.
  • Work in partnership with the school to support success for your child.

School Routines

As students enter and exit, they should move down the right hand side of the hallway, using indoor voices.  Hats are to be removed upon entry. Students must walk quietly, in single file and be supervised by a teacher or staff member as they move about the school.

Entry & Exit Points - All students (N-6)  enter the school at 8:55 a.m. Grades 3-6 students are to enter or exit through the big field doors. N-2 students enter through the Alexander Street entrance. Students are to line up in grade lines and wait outside in designated play areas until the duty person sends them in. Posted “Green Sign” indicates students may come in and wait inside due to weather conditions.

Playground Equipment

Each classroom has recess equipment. It will be taken out by a designated person.

Lunch program staff takes out equipment at lunchtime.

Bathroom Usage - Students should use bathrooms on the way out to recess, or during class time.

At entry times, students should go directly to classrooms and report to teachers - no bathroom use at entry times.

Water Fountains - Students go first to their classrooms. With their teacher's permission, they can use the water fountain when the hallway is clear of students.

No personal items are allowed in school (includes bikes, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, Heelies, purses, electronic games, and devices etc.)

Dress Code - No vulgar/ inappropriate logo/print, bare midriff, halter tops with spaghetti straps, tube or bra tops, hats/gang headwear/colours  bandanas. Appropriate footwear for class and runners for gym.

When dismissed at 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. students should go directly home. Patrol duty ends at 12:05 p.m. and 3:40 p.m.

Only Healthy Snacks for recess. Students are to use garbage bins for all litter.

Dealing with Strangers/Crises

If a stranger comes onto the schoolyard when our students are outside, the following plan will be enforced:

a)  A supervising adult will ask the stranger to identify him/herself.

b)  If the stranger refuses or ignores the adult or provides a suspicious answer, the adult will contact the Office immediately.

The Principal or designate will go outside immediately to confront the stranger. (If the situation is considered critical, for example if a weapon is suspected, the bell will be rung at this time) and students will enter the building. Once all the students are inside, the school will go immediately into lockdown.

     When the crisis has passed, the Principal or Teacher-in-charge will give the “all clear” on the Public Announcement system.

If a stranger enters the school during the school day, the following plan will be implemented:

The nearest adult who works in the building will approach the stranger asking him/her to identify themselves and direct them to the office.

If the stranger ignores the adult or provides a suspicious answer, the adult will contact the office immediately.

The Principal will assess the situation. If necessary the Principal will call for a school lockdown procedure.

The Police are contacted - 911

All students not in classrooms will be directed to one.

All staff will be on the lookout for students in the hallway or washrooms and bring them into their classroom.

When all students are in the classrooms, the teacher locks the doors, shuts off the lights and brings the students to an area of the classroom that may not be seen by anyone at the door.

 When the crisis has passed, the Principal or Teacher-in-charge will give the “all clear” on the Public Announcement system.

Allergies, Medication and Accidents

Administering Medication During School Hours

In accordance with the Winnipeg School Division policy, no prescribed medication is to be in the student’s possession at any time. (The exception would be asthma medication, specifically inhalers in backpacks or in the student’s desk.) Prescribed medication from a physician should be in its original labelled container. A form indicating the name of the medications must be filled out by a physician. The medication must be brought to the school by the parent/guardian or other designated adult. The medication contain must have the dispensing instruction on it.

At school, the medication is kept under lock and key and one person is designated to hand it out with one person as a back up in case of an absence. A daily record is kept of the medication that is administered.

Severe Allergies

All students with severe allergies are registered with the school Division. These students are identified initially by parent/guardians through the registration form. Students’ photos are taken and posted. An emergency plan is attached so the in case of an emergency, quick action can be taken. All plans include calling an ambulance. In case of a severe allergy, an Epi-pen is required and administering it would be part of the emergency response plan.


All accident forms pass through the Office. Parents are always contacted when an accident report is filled out.


Morning Recess: 10:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.    

Afternoon Recess: 2:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Immediate intervention takes place when problems are seen developing. Students are encouraged and helped to solve conflicts together.

Rough play is stopped. No bad language is allowed. No play fighting, wrestling, or body contact play is allowed.

Students are given a time-out sitting on the steps, on the bench, or along the fence or wall. They stay there until released by a supervisor. Classroom teachers are informed.

Physical fights, significant injuries, refusal to listen to the supervising adult and out-of-control behaviour is referred to the Principal.

Wind chill values of 1800 or –26 C temperature and below warrant a shortened or indoor recess.

Teachers/adults to supervise students on way out and in from recess.

Alternative recess is provided for students as required.

Play Structure

See information posted on entry doors for recess playground rules and structure assignments. Student supervision is at 8:45 a.m.,12:45 p.m. and recess.

Social Skills

Developing social skills is an important part of learning for all students. 

At Weston School, we will be focusing on the following skills:

MANNERS:   Speaking kindly, and greeting people

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT:   Giving and receiving compliments

COOPERATION:   Taking turns, sharing, being kind, being helpful, and demonstrating good sportsmanship

 We use our manners

   We say please and thank you.

   We say excuse me and I’m sorry.

   We say good morning and good afternoon.

   Nice try, try again.

We use words of encouragement

   Good for you.

   Good job.

   Way to go.

We are co-operative

   It’s your turn.

   You can have it when I’m finished.

   Do you need some help?

   Would you like to play with us?

   Nice game - Better luck next time.

Lunch Program

The lunch program is run through the Parent Association and supervised by a parent coordinator.

Available space is limited and priority for a spot goes first to parents working outside the home and then to children with medical issues.  

If you would like your child/ren to attend the lunch program, please contact the school.

Child Care

Child care is available from:

The Salvation Army Daycare

1390 Roy Avenue

Contact Person: Maria Myskiw

Phone number: 786-5066

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