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Extra-curricular Activities

September 20, 2023


Traditionally, Carpathia School has offered a variety of intramurals and extra-curricular physical activities such as Soccer Club, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Volleyball Tournament, Run Club, Fit Run and Games Club.


A number of clubs are ongoing at Carpathia, including D & D, Choir, Bell Club, Ukulele Club and MYRCA. Clubs are formed based on student interest and teacher availability.


CanU is available to students in Grade 5 & 6. The program carries forward from Grade 5 and extends into Junior High if the student wishes to continue. In CanU there is also the opportunity to receive bursaries to assist students with their university attendance later on.

It is an outstanding experience that builds social, academic and leadership skills and provides students with an introduction to the dream and process of a college or university education. 

There are many factors that are looked at for a student to be considered for CanU.  Although CanU is just about half-way done for this school year, there is information posted below if CanU is something your child may be interested in for next school year.



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