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Parent Council and Volunteering

September 11, 2023

Parent Council

Carpathia School is building a new PAC!

We, at Carpathia know that having an active Parent Council plays a very important role and contributes to the life of the school in many meaningful ways. The members are our partners in education.

Every parent/guardian is welcome to attend Parent Council.

New members are encouraged to come out and attend PAC meetings to assist with planning for school activities/fundraisers for the year. These meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month. 

At these meetings discussions are held pertaining to fundraising, divisional and school issues, the Carpathia Lunch Program, the family barbecue, and any issue that arises throughout the year.  Teachers and administrators are present at Parent Council meetings.  Administrators present monthly reports. 


If you are interested in joining please email or contact our school by telephone at 204-488-4514


Parents, grandparents, and community members who are available and willing to volunteer in the school can contact the Winnipeg School Division (webpage link) to find opportunities, or simply stop by the school and talk to the principal.

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