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Lunch Program

September 20, 2023

Carpathia School's Parent Council has a lunch program available to families for a yearly fee or you may pay by 3 instalments.  The Lunch program fee's may be paid by Cash, Cheque or e-transfer.

The Lunch Program is not run by school staff. The lunch program staff are hired by the Parent Council and the Carpathia Lunch Program.  

The Lunch Program is non-profit and all proceeds go to pay the staff to run the program or for supplies such as indoor/outdoor recess activities.

Carpathia Lunch Program runs from 12:00-12:55pm daily.

*Parents are to provide the lunches for their children*

Children are encouraged to consistently follow the below rules:

· Ask permission to leave the group (to use the washroom, etc)

· Inform supervisors if attending intramural activities

· DO NOT share lunches

· Sit at the lunch table until lunch is finished

· Use an INDOOR voice

· Use words to solve problems

· Clean up after yourself after lunch

· Show respect for each other AND staff, and be kind to one another

· Keep your hands and feet to yourself

If you are interested in your child(ren) joining the Lunch Program, or if you have any questions you may email

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