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Cultural Advisory

January 23, 2024


Advisory is meant to ensure that every student is connected to the school and the people in it in a meaningful way. It is about forming strong mentoring relationships with students. Advisors act as a resource for students and families, and support students to be successful. Each teacher in the building has a multi-age advisory group made up of 10-12 students, and ideally students will stay with the same advisor for their entire time at Children of the Earth High School.

Cultural Advisory

Because we are an Indigenous cultural and language school, we will be working towards engaging in some form of cultural work during our advisory time on Wednesday afternoons. Every advisory group engages in different ways and at different depths, and each teacher plans their weekly activities based on the knowledge and curiosity of the group.  Advisors also partner with each other and/or community resources to ensure that their group has rich and relevant learning experiences. Groups may leave the building during Cultural Advisory, and caregivers are asked to acknowledge this and provide permission for groups to do so. Communication will be sent home periodically by advisory regarding their plans for the advisory group.

We welcome and value caregiver guidance, leadership, and partnership in this work. 

Please reach out to the school if you would like to get involved or if you have questions!

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