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Principal's Message

November 23, 2022

Anin... Tansi... Wotziye... Tanshi  

Welcome to the Children of the Earth High School website. I hope that you find this information helpful & become acquainted with our course offerings, cultural teachers, school procedures and other activities at Children of the Earth High School. 

We pride ourselves in offering and delivering a high quality education that consists of a cultural and academic focus. Aboriginal perspectives are incorporated into all academic classes, enriching and making the Manitoba Curriculum more meaningful to our students. We believe in holistic education, which addresses the physical, academic, social and spiritual well-being of our students. 

A wide range of cultural activities are offered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Students will experience smudging, sharing circles, pipe ceremonies, as well as traditional teachings given by our school cultural advisors and community Elders. 

We offer both Ojibway and Cree language classes in grades 9 – 12. These classes are part of the mandatory course complement for all students who attend Children of the Earth High School. 

Children of the Earth is a family environment where parents / guardians / caregivers and volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in school events and special programs. 

We believe that students are responsible for taking ownership of their learning by attending school regularly. Student success is important to us at Children of the Earth. The staff are extremely committed to our students, preparing them holistically, so they may fully develop into the future leaders of tomorrow.  


Nichola Batzel 

Principal, Children of the Earth High School

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