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Principal's Message

August 30, 2023

 Anin! Tansi! Wotziye! Tanshi!

Children of the Earth High School is a special place that combines a strong academic focus with an additional emphasis on Indigenous cultural teaching and learning. Our teachers and staff support balanced student learning and growth across physical, academic, social, and spiritual fields. We strive to empower the urban Indigenous youth that make up our student body, and we invite active parent involvement at our school. Our north star goal is to produce graduates that are prepared to contribute their gifts and talents back to their community and to help themselves and others to live a good life.

Cultural learning activities are offered daily throughout the year along with monthly and seasonal ceremonies. Students will take part in smudging, medicine harvesting, pipe ceremonies, sweats, feasts, and receive traditional teachings from our school knowledge keepers and community elders.

All Children of the Earth students are required to be enrolled in either Cree or Ojibwe language classes for grade 9-12. Reclaiming language is an essential part of reclaiming our identities as Indigenous people and we emphasize this importance with our students through this requirement.  

New this year is a partnership between RB Russell Vocational High School and Children of the Earth High School. Our students will have the opportunity to attend RB Russell to take vocational electives if they choose, and RB Russell students have the opportunity to enroll in the advanced mathematics courses offered here.

I am honoured to be the principal of Children of the Earth High School. I look forward to serving the students, staff, caregivers, and wider community to the best of my ability. Please call or come by the school if you’d like to meet or if there are any items you wish to discuss!



Jenifer Donachuk

Principal, Children of the Earth High School


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