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July 14, 2022

In 1988, the Winnipeg School Division, in consultation and cooperation with various community groups such as the Thunder Eagle Society, Urban Aboriginal Educational Advisory Committee and parent groups, began what was then considered a bold undertaking. They established a high school in Winnipeg’s North End that emphasized Indigenous culture, language and academics. A school that harkens back to the lessons of our ancestors, and made valid the concept of Aboriginality in the education system. It allowed First Nations youth the freedom to practice their culture in a place where it was once prohibited, in schools. In 1991, it opened as the “Aboriginal High School’ and after consultation with it’s educational community the name “Children of the Earth” was submitted by a student, and adopted.

Today, Children of The Earth High School has evolved into a centre for heritage language instruction, cultural activities and incorporation of the Indigenous Perspective into current Provincial curricula.

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