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Ceremonies and Gatherings

February 4, 2021

Medicine Gathering – Sage

Students and staff gather sage for smudging self daily, at pipe ceremonies, and feasts throughout school year. 

Seasonal Feasts

Fall – hosted by the Grade 11 students and staff
Winter – hosted by the Grade 12 students and staff
Spring – hosted by the Grade 9 students and staff
Summer – hosted by the Grade 10 students and staff

Each grade level is responsible to prepare and serve a seasonal feast.

• To acknowledge the season, gifts from this season/direction.
• To honor all that we as human beings receive in life.
• To give thanks to all of creation for giving of itself in order for us to have life.
• To unify our people and ask for blessing upon us (school) for each season/time.

Pipe Ceremonies

Monthly teachings
Sweat Lodge 

Sweat lodge Ceremonies

Sweat lodge ceremonies officiated by the Traditional Advisors

Remembrance Day

Honoring First Nation, Metis, and Inuit  Veterans
Pipe Ceremony
Sharing from Veterans

Graduation/Honoring Ceremony

Honoring Graduates
Awards and Scholarships

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