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Grade 9-12 Late Entry Program

January 24, 2024

  • Children of the Earth’s Grade 9-12 Late Entry Program was designed to support students who have gotten off-track to get back on track towards graduation. Students may be in the program for one course or multiple courses, and students will spend variable amounts of time in the Late Entry program depending on their individual path. The Late Entry program runs during periods B & C, allowing students to also access electives, language courses, and cultural learning throughout each day.

  • Eligibility:

    • Students grade 10+ age missing previous credits and pursuing a regular high-school diploma

    • Students age 18+ preparing to pursue or pursuing a mature student diploma

    •  Other students may be admitted depending on individual circumstance

  • Program highlights:

    • Two co-teachers offer all mandatory academic courses, grade 9-12

    • Prior learning is assessed - students do not have to re-do curricular material they have already achieved

    • Integrated, project-based learning experiences developed with students and tailored to academic needs, requirements, and goals

    • Focus on deep learning and culturally/personally relevant topics

    • Daily opportunities for one to one learning conversations/coaching with classroom teachers and the Indigenous Graduation Support Teacher

    • Learning in community - group excursions and community mentorship opportunities

    • Access to school-wide and grade specific cultural programming through the Golden Eagle Feather Trail / Ginew Megwan Mikina program linked here

    • Cultural advisory  linked here every Wednesday afternoon

    • Authentic, reflective, holistic assessment

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