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May 3, 2023

Counselling Services 

The Guidance Department Model is based on a holistic healing model designed to assist students in developing their personal, educational and career goals in a culturally appropriate nurturing environment. We believe that all young people need and require assistance and guidance in their journey to find harmony in their surroundings, which include all aspects of their lives. These aspects which are recognized in the Medicine Wheel teachings are emotional, mental, physical, and cultural. This model views the student as a capable, worthy, gifted individual who has the potential to develop into a caring, committed, responsible human being.

The Guidance and Cultural Team will provide supports to all students through the direction of the medicine wheel teachings which encompass the four aspects of each individual. Support will be provided as required per individual need, as well as planned group activities which will include retreats to traditional healing lodges, participation in healing ceremonies, cleansing and healing sweats, healing, sharing and talking circles, along with teachings from respected Elders. It is also envisioned that family members of the students take part in the events which take place to assist in the education and development of the students thus parents and significant others are encouraged to participate where circumstances allow their participation.

Services Offered 

  • Individual and Small Group Counselling
  • Assist with Career Counselling in collaboration with Career Advisor
  • Advocacy and Mediation with outside Agencies
  • Consultation with Students/Parents/Teachers/Para-Professionals and Administration
  • Co-coordinating school presentations and events
  • Prevention and Intervention Strategies to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Referral to outside agencies and resources
  • Resolution Circles—Conflict Management
  • Referrals to the Child Guidance Clinic both Social Work and the Psychologist
  • Come down if you have any questions or concerns

Confidentiality of the Guidance Team

All discussions between the counsellor and cultural team are held in strict confidence. Respect and Honesty are two of the Seven Natural Laws that we do follow at Children of the Earth High School. In following these teachings we respect your ability to speak with the Guidance Team and inform you that we cannot hold strict confidence in the following situations:

  • You request the team to advocate for you and give permission to release information.
  • The team feels that you or someone else may be in danger or in need of protection.
  • The team is required to give information if it is court ordered.
  • The team is required to give information if it is required by law.

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