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Room 20 - Ms. Vandal

May 28, 2024

Through play-based education, our programming covers:

1. Literacy- letter and sound recognition, reading, writing, vocabulary building, rhyming, songs and poems.

2. Numeracy- counting forwards and backwards, patterning, number recognition, addition and math games.

3. Science- trees and the seasons, colours, creating, designing and experimenting with a variety of objects and materials.

4. Fine and gross motor skills- developing stronger muscles and skills for improved writing, cutting, balancing, climbing, throwing, and kicking.

5. Learning behaviours- listening, building relationships, being safe, and becoming independent learners.

What makes David Livingstone School unique:

*Talk to Me Program- provides one-on-one support to address speech and language goals specifically for the nursery and kindergarten students.

*Community Support Worker- facilitates a parent group and workshops, supports families with food security and housing, and builds bridges between the community and school.

*A Focus on Reconciliation - we incorporate many social justice initiatives.

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