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Breakfast Program

February 5, 2021

David Livingstone Community School offers a nutritious breakfast program open to all students who attend the school. This program is fully funded by the Winnipeg School Division. Education research indicates that students may experience academic difficulties if they attend school on an empty stomach.

We are presently serving on average 60 - 80 students per day. Students attend the school between 8:15 and 8:50 am where they are greeted by our food coordinator and her assistant. After ensuring proper hand washing students are given a nutritious meal in a comfortable welcoming environment.

We encourage parent/caregivers to remind students to come eat, and dress for the weather as all students are sent outside after eating. Nursery/Kindergarten students need to be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

In addition to the breakfast program, David Livingstone School also offers a nutritious mid-morning snack. For a variety of reasons, not all students access the breakfast program. Each day all students are given a snack in their classroom. The food coordinate strives to provide a nutritious snack of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and complex carbohydrates. The students are provided with a variety of food that they may not have access to in their homes. A recent survey indicated that fresh veggies were the preferred snack of our students.

We are able to offer this program through the support of community organizations and bi-weekly delivery from Winnipeg Harvest.​

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