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Athletics & Extra-Curricular

July 15, 2022


 The physical education program will assist the students in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles.

 Through a variety of learning experiences contributing to physically active and healthy lifestyles, each of the following learning outcomes will be achieved.


The students will demonstrate competency in selected movement skills and knowledge of movement development and physical activities with respect to different types of learning experiences, environments and cultures.


The student will demonstrate the ability to develop and follow a personal fitness plan for lifelong physical activity and well-being.


The student will demonstrate safe and responsible behaviors to manage risks and prevent injuries in physical activity participation and in daily living.

 The students will demonstrate the above learning outcomes with increasing competence and confidence from grade 1 to grade 8.  The learning outcomes are interrelated, cumulative and interdependent.


 Intramurals and Schedule

There are various intramural activities for grades 4 – 8 students throughout the year. The activities vary and include handball, volleyball, cup stacking etc.

The schedule for the activities is included on the calendar in our David Livingstone School newsletters.


Interdivisional Sports

David Livingstone School participates in interdivisional activities:

Soccer and Volleyball in the fall.

Speed Skating and Basketball during the winter.

Fit Run, Ultimate Football and Baseball in the spring.


School Wide Activities

In order to promote health and fitness all students participate in:

  • Terry Fox Run in September
  • Walk to School Day in October
  • Winter Carnival in March
  •  Field Day in June
  • Community Walks in Spring
  • Other special activities organized throughout the year


Our Grade 4 classes participate in swim classes in the spring in order to learn how to swim and further develop their flexibility and muscle development.

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