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Hot Lunch Program

January 12, 2024


Students can purchase a hot, healthy meal every day for only $3 - cash only. We usually keep halaal preference in mind.

  • Students can also prepay in any amount desired:
    • $20 will buy 7 lunches
    • $100 will buy 34 lunches (for approximately a month)

To purchase, students can stop by the front doors at 8:55am before home room to purchase daily or notify of a prepaid lunch order fulfilment. If they are late, please stop by the office before 10am, otherwise they can go to the lunch room at 11:45am to see if there are extra lunches available for purchase.

Please see the updated menu here

Emergency lunches are issued on an as needed basis - limited to one per student per 2 weeks, otherwise we will contact home to see why the student isn't provided a lunch.




If you're looking for a way to make a donation to our lunch program we are ever so grateful! We have many students that use this program.

We use this money for:

  • Breakfast - provided free to anyone that needs it (healthy egg bites, smoothies etc)
  • Snacks - many students come for a granola bar or healthy fruit during the day to help them stay focused and learn well
  • Lunch - many students require emergency lunches, or to be sponsored for daily lunches if their families cannot support their meal. We offer a variety of hot, healthy lunches every day for only $3 that is subsidized by donors

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