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January 10, 2024


Our program allows students grades 7-9 for students to explore their creative talents using many different mediums.

Bike Shop

 Grade 9 students are earning a credit towards graduation in their Bicycle Repair and Maintenance course. Students are currently working in small groups to repair brakes and other systems on their bikes. The course develops students' expertise in using hand tools and in solving mechanical problems while giving students the skills required to be able to give back to their families and community in a tangible way. Some students will use their newly acquired mechanical skills in pursuing a technical trade in further high school studies.




Cultural Studies 

Our program is a student driven Inquiry and Project based learning course exploring our own and other cultures represented at HJM.


Our program encourages students to learn French both in speaking and writing.

Indigenous Studies 

Our program allows students to learn about Indigenous Cultures and practices and other significant cultural traditions.

Students Making and enjoying Bannock Tacos:



Our program allows students to volunteer, prepare their resume and portfolio and learn practical life skills.


Our program allows students to learn a variety of instruments with opportunities to perform at Assemblies and Concerts.

Outdoor Education

Our program allows students to learn a variety of practical outdoor education skills including bannock making, shelter making and more.

Performing Arts

Our program provides the chance for students in grades 7-9 to enhance their skills in Dance and Drama. They will have the exciting opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops alongside local artists and perform in front of an audience at various times throughout the year. Additionally, numerous field trips will be organized to further enrich their experience.

Shops/Industrial Arts

Once a week students are taken by bus to DMCI. This program allows students to learn a variety of practical skills such as Electronics, Drafting, Power Mechanics, and Woodworking through partnership with Daniel Macintyre Collegiate Institute (DMCI). For more information on the program please visit here


Our program allows students to learn a variety of practical photography, video and computer skills.

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