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School Supply List

February 15, 2024


*Please label all your supplies with a permanent marker.

Physical Education Clothing

 (to be kept at school):  Shorts, Sweats,T-shirts, INDOOR Runners

Headphones under $5.00 (can be purchased from a dollar store)

1          School Bag or Backpack

1          Pencil Case

2          1 ½ -inch 3-ring Binders

5          Pkg. Loose-leaf (200-400 sheets)

4          Exercise Notebooks  (Math)

2          40 page Exercise Notebooks  (ELA)

1          4 pack Exercise Notebook (Science)

1          Pkg. Dividers

1          30 cm Ruler

4          Pkg. Pencils

2          Highlighters

1          Pencil Sharpener

1          Pkg. Pencil Crayons

5          Duo-tangs

 2         Glue Sticks

 5         Blue Pens

 3         Erasers

 1         Pkg. Graph Paper (Math)

 1         Calculator (under $10.00)

Please note:

  1. Smart phones, all personal music & digital devices are not to be used during a school day, unless it is used for learning or directed by teachers. Laser Pointers are not permitted in the school.  Bandanas and hats are not to be worn in the school.
  2. Parents should contact the school office if they need to speak to their children.
  3. If students continue to use the above items after fair notice has been given, the items will be turned into the office for safe keeping and returned at the end of the school day.  Students who repeatedly use these items during the school day will have items returned only to a parent or guardian.

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