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January 16, 2022


The grade 9 Culinary Arts course is an exploratory course that introduces students to concepts and skills related to hospitality and tourism, focusing on the areas of food service operations, food handling and preparation, the origins of foods, and event planning. Students will focus on a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn to make better personal choices that help them feel good, and they will learn to prepare foods that are quick, healthy, and tasty. Emphasis is placed on independence and cooperation in the kitchen. Students will learn the specifics of sanitation and safety in a kitchen. They will also learn about tools and equipment, knife handling and safety, and general preparation procedures for different types of food and beverage. The course provides information and practical experience on the effects of heat on food, setting up workstations, cooking terms and methods, principles for seasoning and flavouring and how to read and follow recipes. Students will practice measurement and scaling techniques.


Students are expected to complete all assigned theory and practical work and have a good attendance record. The kitchen has strict rules in place to always keep students safe. Adherence to these rules is mandatory.


Attendance is critical since 80% of the students final mark will be based on in-class performance and 20% on theory. 

Weekly Class Attendance - 50%

Cooking Projects  - 20%

Tests (hands -on) -10%

Kitchen Theory - 20% (pen and paper tasks)

Total Shop/ Theory -100%

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