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English As An Additional Language

February 5, 2021

​The English as an Additional Language at École J.B. School provides students, who are learning the English language, opportunities to learn and practice vocabulary in a variety of educational settings.  The EAL program at our school seeks to:

  • Welcome new families to our school with a tour of the building and explanations of programs and supports that are relevant to that particular student/family.
  • Assess new students to determine their English skills levels pertaining to listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Determine the best learning supports for these new students, and whether these supports occur within the classroom or within a small-group setting outside the classroom (dependent on student needs and proficiency in English).
  • Provide supports to classroom teachers that help them to meet the needs of diverse learners in their room (ie. learning materials, activities, pictures and other vocabulary-related materials, etc.).
  • Collaborate and plan with classroom teachers to assist them in meeting the needs of their students and to provide them with relevant materials.
  • Collaborate and plan with educational assistants to determine programming and next steps for students being seen in a classroom setting, or within a small group outside of the classroom.
  • Provide students with real-life experiences in the form of field trips, cooking activities, etc. to connect vocabulary learned to the students' lives.
  • Provide classroom teachers with materials and strategies that aim to assist students in developing and improving their English-language skills.
  • Work with classroom teachers to support the writing of report cards for EAL students and assist in determining next steps for student learning.

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