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Athletics & Extra-Curricular

February 4, 2021

Intramurals and schedule

There are various intramural activities for grades 4 – 6 students throughout the year. 

The schedule for the activities is included on the calendar in our École J.B. Mitchell School newsletters.

Interdivisional Sports

École J.B. Mitchell School participates in interdivisional activities:
-Soccer and volleyball in the fall.
-Speedskating during the winter.
-Mini fit runs in the spring.

School Wide Activities

In order to promote health and fitness all students participate in:
-Terry Fox Run in September.
-Walk-a-thon in October. 
-Winter Fun Day in February.
-Jelly Bean Field Day in June.
-Walk to school days.
-Other special activities organized throughout the year.

Running Club

Interested grades 4 – 6 students participate in a noon hour running club. They compete in Boeing games and track meets at the University of Manitoba against students from other divisions in Manitoba

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