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July 21, 2022

 Dear Parents,

Below is a list of educational websites you may want to use with your children while they are learning at home. Although this is not a comprehensive list these websites are recognized by educators and departments of education as reliable educational sites. I have included Canadian sites at the beginning of each list before international sites. Age spans have also been included to help you decide which sites best suit your children’s needs.



Idello: educational website, resources for online learning in French (all ages)

Television Franco-Ontarien (all ages)

Sam Samuse (K-6)



Canadian – Canadian Geographic (K-12)

Canadian- ABC Mouse (K-3)

Canadian - Story Place (preschool)

International Digital Library for Children (K-12)


NewsELA (gr.2-gr.12)

Storyline Online (K-6)

Star Fall (K-3)

Storynory Audio stories for kids (K-6)

Smithsonian tween tribune (gr.4-gr.8)

National Geographic Kids

Time Magazine    (gr.2 –gr.12)

Highlights (ages 6 -12)

ABCya! (pre K – gr. 6)

Farfaria (ages 2-9)



Canadian  -  University of Waterloo Math for kids (gr.3-gr.12)

Khan Academy (K-12)

Prodigy (ages 5-14)



Uptoten (ages 6-10)

Scratch (ages 8-16)

How Stuff Works (gr. 3 – adult)

Exploritorium (gr.2-gr.12)

Brainpop (K-12)

Curious World (K-12)

Fun Brain (K-12)

Toy Theatre (K-5)



Mo Willems Lunch Doodle (K- 6)

Tate for Kids (K-12)



Spatulatta (ages 10+)


Phys ed:


Primary music:


Intermediate music:

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