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Physical Education

October 18, 2023

Physical education is taught to grades N-6 and promotes health, fitness, fairness and sportsmanship for all students. We encourage life-long physical fitness and the love for sports, recreation and physical education.

Intramurals take place at noon hour for grades 1 to 6. Recess activities are scheduled in the gym during cold winter months for grade 1 to 3 classes.
Interschool competition takes place between schools in the Division and includes soccer, volleyball, softball and the Fit Run.

Leadership students are a group of grade 6 students who learn to organize and run intramurals, recess games, and Special Event days such as the Halloween Haunted House and Field Day.

Playground Pals are a group of grade 4 students who play with grade 1-3 students at recess. They organize games and activities to encourage safe and fair play.


Even more so now our goal is to work together to ensure all students have a physical and healthy learning environment whether they're at home or at school. We want to help children to be responsible for their own health. We want to work together as teachers and parents to enable children to make healthy choices about their diet, activity level and attitude towards an active lifestyle. A healthy mind is inextricably linked to a healthy body and vice versa. With healthy eating and regular activity children's learning will be enhanced. When children take part in fun physical activities, they not only develop fundamental skills, but they also learn how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity.

Here are a few links that might help towards achieving this goal:

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth:

 New Canada Food Guide

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