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Lunch Program

December 10, 2021

The Parent Council at Kent Road School is in charge of running the school lunch program.  This program benefits parents who have to work or attend school all day by allowing their children to stay at the school and eat at their own desks for a monthly fee.  We have 12 classrooms that need supervision on a daily basis as well as outdoor supervision once the students have finished eating.  

The lunch program is in need of supervisors who are available during the lunch hour to come and supervise, so that the program can continue to run in a safe manner.  Lunch program supervisors will be paid monthly, $14/hour for 1 hour per day from 12:00 – 1:00pm.  We are looking for adults who will be able to commit to coming in daily and on time as it is essential to run the program.  As an added bonus for parents and guardians of children who attend Kent Road School, if you work the lunch program your child/children can stay for free.  If you have little ones at home or who are in Nursery/Kindergarten they are welcome to come with you as long as you are confident you can still be attentive to the lunch program students and provide a safe environment for everyone in your lunch room and on the playground.  

If you are interested or have questions please contact Shelley Gauthier by email at

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