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Athletics & Extra-Curricular

February 5, 2021

Physical education is taught to grades N-6 and promotes health, fitness, fairness and sportsmanship for all students. We encourage life-long physical fitness and the love for sports, recreation and physical education.

Intramurals take place at noon hour for grades 1 to 6. Recess activities are scheduled in the gym during cold winter months for grade 1 to 3 classes.
Interschool competition takes place between schools in the Division and includes soccer, volleyball, softball and the Fit Run.

Leadership students are a group of grade 6 students who learn to organize and run intramurals, recess games, and Special Event days such as the Halloween Haunted House and Field Day.

Playground Pals are a group of grade 4 students who play with grade 1-3 students at recess. They organize games and activities to encourage safe and fair play.​




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