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February 4, 2021

Basic French is taught to grades 4 to 6 students at Kent Road School. The goal of the Basic French curriculum is to encourage learning of French as a means of communication, but is not designed to make students bilingual.

French is not only the subject matter, but also the language of instruction, and is taught in a French classroom that is textually, visually, aurally and culturally rich. French is also taught using a multi-dimensional approach consisting of four components:

  1. Experience/communication (participating in genuine situations of communication, and broadening life experiences)
  2. French culture (become aware of the francophone communities in Canada and in the world)
  3. Language (structures and vocabulary)
  4. General Language Education (awareness of characteristics of language and culture)

The French curriculum is closely integrated with other subject areas when possible including Social Studies, Physical Education, Math, Science and Music and involves such activities as: surveys, experiments, board games, group games, card games, songs, dances, poems, listening activities, story writing, story reading, presenting, questioning and viewing videos.

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